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Bird Feeders And Keeping Away The Squirrels

Birds are beautiful flying creatures that are a part of our beautiful nature.

Different kinds of birds live in various parts of the world and we have many different breeds in the States. People that love birds like to keep Bird Feeders in their yard, whether hanging from a tree or a bird feeder on a stake.

Bird watchers and nature lovers alike love to see birdies gather at their feeders and eat.

Some birds like specific kinds of bird feeders. For instance, cardinals like to bend at their hip area to feed, so there are feeders that are more specific to cardinals.

The same goes for humming birds and several others. If you have a fruit feeder, you will see cardinals feeding off the fruit!

What kinds of seeds and other food are best for feeding birds?

If you are planning to feed birds and you want to keep squirrels and other small animals away, you will want to use safflower seeds.

Safflower seeds are quite bitter and squirrels will not like them, thus they will not eat them or bother the birds there.

You will also be able to avoid grackles and starlings when you use safflower seeds in your Bird Feeders.

If, however, you don't have squirrels, grackles or starlings around your area, you can buy a nice sunflower seed mix.

Stay clear of big seed mixes and make sure you are getting seeds and not fillers.

The birds will not eat them. Your goal is to be able to attract and view beautiful birds, so choose your seed and your bird feeder wisely.

There are many choices in bird feeder styles like tube feeders, hopper feeders, fly-through feeders and curved perch feeders.

Tube feeders will attract the smaller birds so if that is your goal, do not add a tray because medium birds will take over the bird feeders.

Bird Feeders are a great way to watch birds and be entertained by their various personalities.

You may notice particular birds showing up over and over again.

Because of this, you will probably become familiar with some of the birds that eat from your feeders.

Some people name some of the birds just to feel familiar with them even though they cannot touch them.

You can shop online for quality bird feeders and enjoy the beauty of nature in your own yard.

Click here for more of the latest news and tips about bird feeders of all types.

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